Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: 37 Reasons to Take up Boxing

by Lisa Creech Bledsoe from The Glowing Edge blog
Looking at everything from confidence to love handles, this e-book is written by proudly Over-40 boxer Lisa Creech-Bledsoe. If this can't get you in the ring then there's no hope.

Lisa's blog is one of the few places online talking women's boxing as it really is - sweat, pain but so much fun. And her book '37 Reasons to take up Boxing for Fitness or Competition' is packed full of wisdom, distilled into a punchy list. 

I loved No 5: 'Boxing is a massive confidence builder', that covers a multitude really.

But there are some surprising gems too. No 16 is all about the ritual, and how the soothing winding and winding of the hand-wraps can lull a boxer into an almost meditive state. And she adds: 

"It gets even more serious if you are wrapping for a competition; in that case you sit quietly while your trainer or corner wraps your hands with yards and yards of delicate gauze as if you were a bride being prepared for her wedding. It beats bubble baths all to hell." 

And as a further thought on confidence, Lisa says it's hard to pretend to be a weight you're not when you're standing in line to get a fight. How many women would love that certainty, just to be happy with the size you are?

Plus I finally discovered why boxing is sometimes called 'the sweet science' - that's No 25, just waiting for you. 

Even if you've never boxed,  the book has a few nuggets which can apply anywhere. No 36 is probably true of all sports - boxing means you can 'turn down the volume' on the stresses in your life. That's just so true, for me at least. No matter whether you're running, climbing or in the water, there just isn't room for anything else when you're in your zone.

You can download the e-book for free here at Lisa's blog: 'The Glowing Edge".


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Wow, I'm humbled and honored, Niamh. Thanks so much for the glowing review... I hope more people will discover and enjoy fight sports just like we did! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Niamh, thanks so much for highlighting Lisa's *awesome* words and truly inspiring life.

The world needs more of this!

niamh said...

@ Lisa - no problem! I loved reading through it, it's full of energy. And, yes that sounds like marketing speak, but I really loved it!

@ Titanium - hey, long time to hear! You're right, we need more strong women out there :)

Anonymous said...

I know, I know. Been training more and writing less...

I have your posts sent directly to my email so I can read them on the go- I just can't always comment.

Again, thanks for highlighting these amazing women in sports, Niamh.