Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Women's Day

It's Women's Day everyday on this blog but I have mixed feelings about this day. Why? Well, just that it exists points to the huge gaps still existing in almost every area of society between men and women. 

So you know already if you are a woman doing sport professionally then you get paid less than men, that sponsors are less willing to take you on. And in light of honour killings, salary gaps, lack of access to reproductive choices and so many other obstacles then sport may seem frivolous. But until women can take part in any part of society which appeals to them, feminism still has a way to go. 

For now let's celebrate that at least in 2015 there are women doing sport professionally and that pay gap is slightly narrower than it was five years ago. In Ireland earlier this afternoon President Michael D Higgins spoke on the importance of #IWD and surprisingly included a reference to sport so we'll take that and move on.

 ·  50 mins 50 minutes ago
President Higgins acknowledges achievements of women in sport and recognises all they have contributed to equality.

 ·  46 mins 46 minutes ago
Gender equality in sport has to be achieved. Young women present have become such great roe models for young girls. Media needs to rec this.

President Higgins acknowledges Katie Taylor and the amazing win by the Irish women's rugby team over Black Ferns. 50% of athletes women


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