Monday, June 15, 2015

TV show to star women's boxing champions

MuayThai coach Paul Kelly, TV presenter Vogue Williams, fighter Ferial Ameeroedien
Women's boxing and MuayThai are getting some mainstream attention in Ireland with a new documentary series. 

World Champion Christina McMahon and MuayThai Irish champion Ferial ‘Felix’ Ameeroedien are among the featured fighters as well as MMA fighter Catherine Costigan. Presenter Vogue Williams is no slouch either having recently won Bear Gyrll’s Mission Survive against tough competition including Olympian Kelly Holmes. 

That pic above was posted on MuayThai coach Paul Kelly’s FB page a few days ago. Ameeroedien is recently back from Hong Kong where she successfully fought for the I-1 title against Alex (Ching-Yee) Tsang. And you may have seen her on Enfusion 5 also, filmed out in Thailand last year. 

She told Irish MuayThai website MuayEireann: ‘To all the girls who want to achieve something and feel like they they’ll never get there: Don’t give up. I am a shy girl from the back arse of nowhere, a ghetto of Cape Town where people laughed at me when I said I wanted to fight. I did what I had to do, I worked hard and still do and now I fight the best females in the world at my weight category.’ 

Ameeroedien trains at Bridgestone Gym in Dublin, a great home for women fighters and very open to beginners if you’re thinking of taking up the sport. (Disclaimer – yes, I used to train there) 

Williams even bravely got into the ring with Coach Paul Kelly - see the video on her Instagram Vogue Williams here. 

At 41 McMahon is an inspiration to every woman who thinks her sporting days are behind her. When I interviewed her after her world title bout in Zambia just a few weeks ago, she said everyone expected her to lose to the 23 year old opponent Catherine Phiri. 

She said: ‘I know what it’s like to be 23, she has no idea what it’s like to be me. So I was ahead really, they didn’t know what to think about that.’ 

McMahon trains in Belfast and with her husband/ trainer Frick McMahon at their home gym in Carrickmacross in Monaghan. She's also a personal trainer and having seen her in action, you couldn't do better. Details on her FB page. 

I’m not sure when the show is going out on air, but will let you all know! 

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