Friday, August 14, 2015

Money, money, money

Danica Patrick via
The Forbes list of the top earning female sports stars is pretty exciting if you're a tennis player but not too encouraging if you're thinking other sports can pay the rent. Although I was shocked to see an MMA fighter in there - Ronda Rousey of course but what a huge step up for a small sport. 

Top of the list as she has been for the last decade is Maria Sharapova with Forbes estimating she earned €26.65m. That's more than Serena Williams which I was a bit surprised at but there you go - she clocks in at €22.08m. 
 Just three non-tennis players creep into the highest earning female sports stars. 
That's NASCAR race-driver Danica Patrick at the top of this post at No4 earning €12.47m. Ronda Rousey came in at No8 with €5.8m and golfer Stacey Lewis with €5.73m 

It should also be noted that except for Serena Williams the list is of white Caucasian women even though they come from different countries. Chinese tennis player Li Na had featured in past years but since retiring in 2014 has dropped off the top earners.

That screams loudly about the prejudices of sponsors and viewers - the big money is clearly in watches and high-end sports goods which we still associate with the white blonde beauties. Quite depressing. 


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