Friday, September 4, 2015

MMA in Malaysia: Ann "Athena" Osman goes pro

Ann Athena Osman MMA Malaysia women in sport
*photo credit to YK Tang Photog

Ann "Athena" Osman is the first professional female MMA fighter in Malaysia. 

I found two interesting documentaries about her this week. This first one is older, from last year before she turned professional. But I like the glimpse of that juggling-act between work and training. We see her on the laptop one minute, making calls and then the camera cuts to the gym where she's all business. 

This second documentay is from March of this year. You can really appreciate how slick her life is becoming but built on that solid bedrock of train, eat, repeat. 
As well as the expected training and fighting, she's also described as " a media darling" and "celebrity" without even winning a title yet. Sometimes being a woman in a man's world can be great for sponsorship. 

But she also takes flak from more conservative Malay social media users for not being "a good Muslim". Her fight clothing gets negative attention ocasionally but she seems to deal with it very well. 

The Al Jazeera journalist comes across as slightly in awe of "Athena" which is endearing although slightly annoying. She says at one point: "Ann yesterday was in heels and giggling, and today she's a killer". Indeed. 

I couldn't embed this one, but it's available on Al Jazeera video as Malaysia's Woman Warrior. 

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