Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What are your sports wishes for 2016?

2016 is just around the corner and with it the thrill of the Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil. Of course women’s sport is much more than these two events but they are still the biggest showcase.

I’m not making any sports resolutions this year but I do have wishes for the New Year fairies:

  1. Changes in coverage of women’s sport to continue. In Ireland I’m thinking for example about the new section in the Irish Times every Thursday, regular interviews and reports in the Irish Examiner, or fabulous websites like Sportswomen.ie run by Sharon Hutchinson and Women’s Sports Journal.
    Internationally let's have more like espnW or the BBC on women's football
  2. Women’s combat sports to become ever more popular. Women like Aisling Daly, Caradh O’ Donovan, Lisa Kearney, Ferial Ameeroedien, Katie Taylor and Catherine Costigan are becoming part of the national conversations – but we need more!
  3. Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors  - why so few women in the Top earners lists worldwide? Serena Williams is leading the way; maybe that will inspire someone sitting at a boardtable somewhere?
  4. More opportunities for women in combat sports – some of my favourite pictures this year have been of Afghani women doing MuayThai
  5. More blogs and social media dedicated to the joys women can get out of sport.
  6. This year the women’s Oxford boat race was run on the same course as the men’s, in rugby and soccer women’s matches are being played on the same day as the men’s finals, women cycled the Tour de France route (ok for charity but still); let’s see more of this.
  7. More social media campaigns like the brilliant #thisgirlcan from the UK or #supporthersport here in Ireland
On a personal level a really good friend started learning MuayThai with me over the summer, and is now a regular 3-times a week. I LOVE watching her grow in skills and confidence. It's been so great getting back into teaching and training after a whole lotta injuries. Thanks to Dave at Hammerhead Gym and Cecile for this!

And after I interviewed windsurfer Rose Barrett I finally took the plunge and started learning windsurfing. It’s been a bumpy journey with lots of breaks but so happy to have another reason to be by the sea. Who knows, I might stay up for longer than 10 minutes next year ...

What are your sports wishes for 2016?

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