Monday, December 7, 2015

Women's fighting is having a moment

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Women in sport have been having quite the moment in the sun. I know we try to stay positive here and focused on what can be done but I really am starting to feel something is changing.

Firstly there was the global reaction to Holly Holm beating Ronda Rousey  - don't worry I'm not going into all of that again. I will just say that it was incredile to see that fight covered in papers and sections of the papers -  not to mention in TIME magazine  - that you would NEVER have found women's fighting before. Congrats to Holly but hats off to Ronda for making the world take women's MMA or #wmma seriously.

And if you can access RTE's player, this episode of Wild Girls meets some of Ireland's best fighters including women I've spoken to here like MMA's Catherine Costigan , Ferial 'Felix' Ameeroedien from MuayThai and Christina McMahon, WBC champ.

It's a great show, and hopefully will bring lots of girls into the gyms.  I also loved the conversation between Catherine and presenter Vogue Williams about periods, you really have to see it!

(I know a lot of you are reading from outside Ireland but if you download a programme like HOLA you can watch from overseas).

Lots more interviews and fun tips coming up after my break. I was away the last two weeks with work, but only managed to get one week's worth of posts up. Apologies for that but hopefully you've been catching up on old posts?

But I did manage to write a Christmas shopping list for you - the best women in sports books around! It's up on here.

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