Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wonder woman and little girls daydreaming

Wonder Woman across the ages; Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter
PIC: @reallyndacarter instagram

So Wonder Woman. I'm going out on a limb here and saying most women of a certain age who kick things as adults first learned you could do this watching Lynda Carter. Definitely what happened to me.

I was nervous going to see it having grown up watching the TV series on Saturday mornings. If any popculture programme was responsible for getting me into a muaythai ring, it was Lynda Carter kicking ass in those high-heeled boots. Little did I know then that high-heels, cleavage and long wind-blown hair all go out the window when real ass-kicking happens.

Still, back then there were very few role-models around for women who thought there must be more to do with your body than posing in nice clothes.  And great to see on Carter's Instagram that she has aged so well and avoided cat-eye-surgery traps.

I loved the film, you should go see it. The Amazon island is great - so many women training together under a female general (Robin Wright obviously)  and really fighting, really going at it with weapons and brute force. Great to see.

But what made the movie for me was that 'Diana' doesn't lose that woman's instinct to notice pain and inequality. They didn't make her into a macho superhero with high heels - she has empahy, concern, humour and all the good things that little girls are made of, just with added Godkiller.

 Lots more clips on WonderWomanFilm


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