Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helen Skelton Kayaks the Amazon

We didn't have the BBC when I was growing up in Ireland. But somehow the whole "Here's something I made earlier" phenomenon from the children's show "Blue Peter" is just as well known over here as in the UK. So I wouldn't have been surprised to see that one of the presenters had made an Eiffel Tower from toilet rolls or re-created the Vatican in play-doh. Finding one of them kayaking down the longest river in the world for Sport Relief was more of a surprise.

Helen Skelton made it down 2,000 kms of water becoming the first woman to do so and also setting the record for the longest 24-hour paddle by a woman. All wrapped up in blister tape by the end, I wonder what she'll do with it? The video shows just how tough it was.

What do you think - are charity events like this really of benefit?


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