Friday, June 3, 2011

Adventure sports in Ireland

It's a beautiful morning here in Ireland, summer may finally be here. And it's the start of a three-day weekend for us so lots of outdoor plans being made.
This is a tourism promo (from one of our many, many tourism boards) with shots of the adventure sports you can do in Ireland. Sometimes it's just good to be reminded of what is on our doorstep. Enjoy, and have a great weekend wherever you are! 



Marie said...

I love it! I love anything that reminds people that what you see in tourism brochures is not what most countries are about. I'm afraid people will always think of Ireland as the land of Guinness and shamrocks, but just look at what is really there. Good on you, Ms. Ireland tourism film maker, whoever you are!

Katarzyna said...

There's some amazing views there. The high ropes course looks like a lot of fun. It be nice to cycle around Ireland. I would have never thought Ireland to be a place for so much physical activity. It looks like a great destination to relax and sightsee in an active and adventurous way.

niamh said...

@Marie - the Guinness thing is a bit out of control here now after Obama slugged back a pint but honest we're not all leprechauns :)

@ Katarzyna - I know, this type of holiday isn't really promoted enough, there's great outdoors here! You just need some serious outdoor gear to keep warm and millions of cups of tea