Tuesday, June 14, 2011

North Korea at the World Cup

Less than two weeks to go to the FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011 (what a mouthful). This week's posts are given over to profiling some of the teams and players.
Question of the tournament: will Germany get their three-in-a-row?

North Korea women's soccer
North Korea, ranked five in the world, play their first game against America on June 28th. Yes, an interesting political match-up there. 
One Korean blogger says: "Because the women's team does relatively well, the better coaches prefer to coach the women's team."

They won the 2006 U-20 world cup, won the Asian Cup three times and their record in the senior world cup is:

1991 Didn't qualify                                                    
1995 Didn't qualify
1999 Round 1
2003 Round 1
2007 Quarter-finals
2011 Group C

I read a little more about the history on Ask a Korean, it seems the team was set up in 1986 with women from the track and field teams. One of the highlights of their games is beating their neighbours South Korea. If you've been a longtime women's soccer fan, you might recall a crazy incident a few years ago when some North Korean players were less than impressed with a referee's decision

What are your predictions for the tournament? 


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