Thursday, August 18, 2011

Behind the ring with Caley Reece, Australia

 The music starts, a mix of Thai orchestral pipes and dance music laying over it. The crowd is shouting and everywhere the smell of boxing liniment seeps into your hair, your clothes. Your stomach clenches, your feet tap and then it's time to fight.

This is a great mini-doco on how to prepare for a World Title fight, with Australian MuayThai fighter Caley Reece from Riddler's Gym in Perth, WA. I've interviewed Caley a few times over the years for boxing mags and this blog, always gracious with her time and full of such huge enthusiasm for this amazing sport. Watch for her focus when she's in the ring, listening to her titles being called out and waiting for the fight to begin - my stomach is turning somersaults just listening to the soundtrack.

Reece is fighting Madelaine Vall, Sweden (more pics of Vall here)for the WMC 57 kgs World Title at the end of June 2011.  (yes, late to the party but the video is just out)


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