Monday, November 21, 2011

Musical Yoga in Sydney

Sarah Trestrail
When someone says yoga helped her recover from fracturing five lumbar vertebrates in a horse riding accident, you have to think there's something to all this talk of healing and flexibility. Sarah Trestrail is one of only five Jivamukti Yoga teachers in Australia which means ...

When I interviewed her in Sydney she explained the secret to this type of yoga is in the tunes. "We use a lot of music as a feature in class; all styles with rock or jazz. It’ll have a philosophical theme for the class, the teacher works with the theme and sequences the class according to the theme. The teacher might be sitting there with a guitar leading a chant  or playing the harmonium. It's good fun." 

A former fitness instructor, she was taken to a yoga class when the pain from her healing back prevented her from working. And now she's "addicted".

But loving yoga is about more than flexing a few moves. 

Sarah said it's all about losing that fear of re-hurting yourself or aggravating an old injury. 

"The first time you do a headstand, it's like Oh my god, I just did my first head stand, I can do anything. It's amazing, you can do things you never thought you would do." 



Anonymous said...

Yoga is simply one of the best ways to restore, recover, renew and rejuvenate broken bodies | souls.

I swear by it. Terrific shot (and story) of Sarah and her journey.

niamh said...

@Titanium - hey there, are you a yogi? I dip in and out but stories like this do make me wonder if I should give it another go? Eternal pilates vs yoga when it comes to injuries, something no-one has been able to really resolve.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't say I'm a yogi (or yogini), but I do love me some Vinyasa from time to time. I find it makes a huge difference in my martial arts practice, as well as for rock climbing.

Do whatever works best for YOU...

niamh said...

@Titanium - indeed. There are only so many hours in the day