Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sports Blog Karma

Every now and then I like to mention the blogs and websites I read. It's can be frustrating that women's site seem to attract less traffic but maybe that's because we're too busy doing stuff to sit around reading about doing stuff? Either way, here's some great places to visit:

Everything you wanted to know about sports in Australia - but just women. I love the names of their national teams; diamonds, opals, mathildas and stingers, not to mention jillaroos and southern stars. Great read.

A magazine for women do actually do sport, not just pose in the gym. It's based in the UK but has general articles on nutrition and clothing that are good for wherever you are.

Ok, so this is a FB page not actually a blog but I think you'll love the idea. Dispirited by the lack of women cyclists in the UK, this group is reaching back to the first suffragettes who shocked people by cycling in those lovely bloomers. Great idea.

Nicola is an Australian cyclist, great stories and she's a talented photographer as well so there's plenty to entertain. I love that she says "...not a feminist rant although I'm sure it will take on that tone occasionally".

I'm hoping to do some interviews with some of these women over the next few weeks, let me know if there is anyone else you think should be in the Karma list.

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