Monday, October 5, 2015

Anne-Flore Marxer surfing a tidal bore

You know how there are some sports you've never mastered but you really wish you could? Surfing is like that for me. 

Instead I watch with envy as people like Anne-Flore Marxer switch between surfing and snow-boarding without any apparent effort. She sent out this great video and pics from a trip she made to surf a tidal bore, ie a wave that breaks overland under rare conditions.  You really have to watch it, I'm so jealous.

She said: "The last full moon was red and beautiful, it was powerful and we were all moved by it.. and so were the waters of the planet.. creating a magnificent tidal bore for us to surf !

"Tidal bores happen on big coefficient when the level of the water is low.. it's an amazing phenomenon which creates a wave you can surf in land when the tide comes in.. i had heard of it and i went to surf it.. as it happens mainly once a year many people travel to surf it." 

Anne-Flore's message with the video finished up with: "it was an amazing experience that gave me a smile for hours !! i was sharing the stand up paddle of Francois Liets, a big wave surfer for about 11 minutes ride...better than words i highly recommend to watch the video of it.. as it might give you a smile too :)"

Looks like three women out there, not a bad ratio I guess for a crazy outing. If you like this video, lots more on her social media accounts, esp Anne Flore Marxer on Twitter.


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