Friday, October 16, 2015

Women in sport blogging their passions

Re Wikstrom womens cycling photography sport
PIC: Photographer Re Wiksrom via her Tumblr

It's been four months since I did a round-up of some great women sports bloggers or social media fans, not quite sure how that happened. Tsk Tsk

But Jo Kadlecek gave me a gentle nudge yesterday, so here we go: some of the female sports bloggers and sites I've found over the summer (eh, and autumn). Another post on documentaries is brewing and on Jo's book for next week of course ...

Jackie Bradbury lives in Texas and teaches Presas Arnis which I learned after some Twitter exchanges is another name for Escrima from the Philippines.  Her blog is fulled with her years of learning, and teaching videos. I've never studied this art, but I can see how incredibly useful the site would be especially for new-ish students. I follow her on Twitter also. 

Ok, so Britishwoman Alex is a sports phographer not just a blogger. But I love what she does - images of veteran athletes. And I mean seriously veteran; the first photo of hers that I saw was an 80+ year old woman tearing down a running track. If you  need inspiration, or you're feeling like 30, 40,  or maybe 50 is the limit for sports then you need to meet the women on her blog.

Recent blog-post:  Masters First in Beijing

Andrea Harkins lives in Florida, another sunshine state and has been in love with martial arts since 1989. We found each other on Twitter also, and her inspirational thoughts will definitely get you down to the gym. If you're looking for more role models, she's writing a book at the moment with interviews of women doing martial arts. 
Recent blog-post: The making of a champion

This is a brand-new internationally-based blog started by Melanie Gale and Stephen Rivers beacuse they felt women's MMA or #wmma needed more support. What  better reason to start blogging? They have two more people on their team already, and seem to have bigger plans based on a 'tell us what you want' post sent out this week. Also lovely to see men taking a leading role in promoting women's sport, we forget about them sometimes ...

Recent blog-post:  The Darker Side of MMA

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