Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Disrupt Ageing

Wordless Wednesday:

Today's photos are Alex Rotas' powerful shots of women aged from 70 to 90 but still rocking it on track and field. She tags them with #disruptageing and #mastersathletes on Twitter where we met.

Dorothy McLennan from Ireland (79) sprinter, pole vaulter

Dorothy McLennan (79) stretches out

Hildegund Buerkle from Germany is 80 and is 100m sprinter at 18.16 seconds

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And more of Alex Rotas' photographs on her blog here. 


Anonymous said...

LOVE this so mcuh - super motivating!


real girl sport said...

@Laura - certainly makes you stop feeling lazy when you see what is possible!

NCSue said...

OMG - She's amazing!
Thanks for sharing this inspiration at

Out And About Global said...

Wow, how fantastic that these women still have the stamina and moxie to get out there and do it! Why doesn't Nike feature women like this? Brooke @ outandaboutglobal

real girl sport said...

@NC Sue - absolutely! When I looked at the stretch image I couldn't believe it :)

real girl sport said...

@Brooke Neal - that is a very good question! Older women are such an inspiration, and from a business point of view they have the money that teens don't. We should tell them!

Snowcatcher said...

I never knew a photographer was focusing on older female athletes until I saw this here. What a magnificent theme! A variety of emotions in the shots, too!

Geez, I'm just a few years away from her focus...

real girl sport said...

@Snowcatcher - They're fascinating shots right? Well, you're a good bit off but who knows, could be a great topic for your own work? :)