Monday, April 11, 2016

Irish women's boxing team have a good day at the office

Neriman Istik,Turkey (L) won against Poland’s Sandra Drabik

European qualifiers for boxing in Rio2016 are taking place this weekend in Turkey, and the three Irish women who fought are through to the next round. 

Christina Desmond from Cork had a surprise victory over top seed and world No 3 Dutch fighter Nouchka Fontijan (75kgs/middleweight).  And Ceire Smith defeated Hungary’s Virginia Barankas (51kgs/ flyweight).   

And the big hope of the Irish team Katie Taylor won over Czech  Martina Schmaranzova (60kgs/lightweight)

Nicola Adams UK through to the next round
Britain's Nicola Adams, a gold medallist in London2012 is also through after beating Moldova's Iulia Coroli. 

There are six Olympic places for women out of this tournament with the finals at the end of the week. The women have to make the finals to qualify from this tournament.  

Not a lot of pictures of the women's bouts around yet, but more to come hopefully.

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