Friday, April 29, 2016

Watch: Shin on Shin Europe

Poking around the films on Vimeo is like going in your jam-packed granny's attic, you never know what you will find.

This doco starts off with the 2005 MuayThai fight between American Angela Rivera (now Angela Parr living in Australia and married to John 'Wayne' Parr) and Dutch star Germaine de Randamie (now fighting in MMA).

But it's far more than just a fight compliation with lines like this: "The sad truth is women who are good (at fighting) and pretty will make more than women who are just good."

Lucia Rijker (Holland) naturally features and Ilonka Elmont as well as Julie Kitchen (UK), Daniela Somers (Belgium), Johanna Rydberg (Sweden), Alena Hola (Czech Republic), Jorina Baars (Holland) and a few more cameos.

Well worth 21 minutes of your Friday. Shin on Shin: Europe was uploaded by Steven Wright.

Shin on Shin Series: Europe EP6 The never ending story (Women's fighting) from Steven Wright on Vimeo.

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