Friday, April 8, 2016

Watch: "Ladies should be polite" not boxing

This clip shot by Patrick Winn of the Global Post in 2010 catches interesting comments on the women's boxing scene in Thailand - both MuayThai and western-style boxing. 

He filmed during the run-up to the London Olympics in 2012, but it appears to have been shot before the limited number of weight categories were known. In the end women only competed in three categories 51Kgs, 60kgs and 75kgs which left the Thai women out of the running. 

I'd seen clips from this video before on other blogs but hadn't realised it was a full news-package. When I say "full" of course it leaves out many nuances and scandals but as an introduction it's interesting, and any of you on here who know more about the scene - comment away! 

You might laugh at the women's comments about periods/ menstruation being considered taboo but that is still alive and well. I was a bit surprised recently to even hear from a male Western friend who's involved in running a gym in Thailand women training in that gym must go under the ropes to the ring even during training.

I recognise some of these women from today's MuayThai scene so in spite of everything, they are succeeding. One bout at a time. 

Thailand Women's Boxing from Pailin Wedel on Vimeo.


Details of tomorrow's European Boxing qualifying tournament for Rio2016 in Turkey on

Full results from the London Olympics 2012 women's boxing here.

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