Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn or Fall It's Time to Recycle and Cleanup your running shoes

 (Post updated September 2018 as you keep bringing it back!)

There's something about this time of year. I feel like throwing out smelly training gear and getting ready for cold weather work. Even more excited than usual this year as I've been out of sports for ages thanks to a few illnesses. So the trick is to find ways to clean out without just dumping everything in the trash.

And yes I do get a little emotional about throwing away running shoes which have carried me over way too many hills. But it's better to give them somewhere than just toss them in the bin. Or you could make an art installation out of them if you have enough - like in the snap above from Denmark.

Here's some ways you can give your shoes a new life:


  • Runners Need stores in the UK kick off their #recyclemyruncampaign in October 2018 again – check that page annually for updates 
  • Liberty Recyling Dublin work with recovering drug addicts to repurpose old shoes and clothes
  • GYG.ie recommend talking to your local Nike stockist in Ireland, ask about their Reuse A Shoe bins
  • Recycle your Shoes. Find a company near you at Shoes Recycling Programmes here.  
  • Irish chain Lifestyle Sports ran an exchange programme earlier this year - maybe we can get them to hold another? Or check your local shops   (this happened in 2010, it doesn't seem to have again, let's ask!)
  • Recycled Runners links up with brand names to recycle shoes and unused shoe material. Who knew the shoes on your feet could make a basketball court - 2,500 pairs - or a running track - 75,000 pairs. 

    What do you do with your old sports gear? 


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