Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Shock of a Woman Reporter in a Locker Room

I came across a older post on yesterday. Former NY Times reporter Robin Herman posted on how she accidentally became a feminist icon - when all she wanted was a few quotes before deadline. Alright, this was 1975 but considering that 30 or so years later, women like Orla Guerin (BBC) and Christina Lamb              (Sunday Times) regularly report from war zones, it's bizarre to think that a locker room was off-limits.

When I was competing in Thailand, I found that many MuayThai gyms still hold to the tradition of barring women from touching the ring - this makes training a little bit difficult as you can imagine. The main stadiums there are still for male-fighters only. Plus ca change ...

Read "A Girl in the Locker Room" on here.

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