Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Marlo Perry Prepares for Buenos Aires Marathon

Aussie Marlo Perry has run marathons in Bangkok, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro but her running heart lies in Buenos Aires. She ran her first marathon there in 2008, and is lining up again for the 10.10.10. Working in BA with the Buenos Aires WHL, Buenos Aires Urban Adventures and Vamos Spanish Academy, she has also cycled through Brazil, Uruguay, Vietnam (8 times), across Argentina and Cambodia (twice), summited some 6000m peaks in Bolivia, walked the Inca Trail (over 20 times), and competed internationally with the Argentine MuayThai team. Phew!

Tell us about your first marathon
My goals were simple; to finish, and to finish under four hours. I ended up with a time of 4:11. I still had a bit of energy left and pulled up really well the next day so instead of being proud I was actually annoyed I was 11 minutes over. Especially as at least 5 minutes was spent waiting to use the toilet at km 25! 
There was a transport strike in Buenos Aires that day and I hadn’t brought enough money for a taxi so I walked about 10km home – eating a caramel-chocolate-chip ice-cream. That’s my most vivid memory of the day!

What’s special about running in Buneos Aires?
Twice a week in the mornings I go for a short fast run in an area known as the Palermo Parks. It is a park in the middle of the city and a great way to escape the noise and congestion. I usually run with a group from the Vamos Spanish Running Group Weekends I head to the Costanera Sur area or do a long run out of the Palermo neighbourhood. I enjoy this much more than 50 loops of a plaza!

 You travel a lot for your work, how do you fit in training?
When I was training for my first marathon I was still working as overland tour guide, based in South America. It was really difficult to fit in the long runs as my work schedule was never much of a routine. I was also working a bit in Bolivia, and training at altitude might be great for an Olympian but as a normal runner a few laps at 4000m is not advised.
But it also meant I never ran the same route. My training runs included desert runs in the Atacama, the beaches of Brazil, hill runs in the volcanic landscapes of the Lakes District and the most beautiful run I have ever done – a crisp morning in the National Park near Bariloche, Argentina. There was snow on the mountain peaks, crystal lakes, autumn colours in the forests. I ran twice as long as I intended and it will forever be the most awesome run ever!  

What do you eat in the run-up to the race?
I don’t pay much attention to my diet. I know I should be carb loading but I also like a bit of chocolate milk. Anything plain that doesn’t upset my stomach too much as there is no way that I am going to get stuck 5 minutes waiting for the toilet this time!

Good luck to Marlo and the other runners in Buenos Aires on 10.10.10!


abi said...

It is funny, i also find chocolate milk a good thing to have before a marathon. My running friends find it very strange, but it seems to work for me!

niamh said...

Thanks for dropping by Abi. I have to say chocolate milk hasn't been on my list but could be worth checking out! interesting site you have - spam maybe? sigh