Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What good news do you have?

It almost feels redundant to post today as so many Irish and British newspapers have suddenly been overcome with the need to fill pages with women sports-stars. It's great she says,*sighs in a my-work-here-is-done- manner* but because we still need even more coverage I'll just keep going. 

The big news in Ireland is that Fionnula Britton returned home last night with a European Cross Country gold medal - almost one year after posting about her 4th place position. Interviewed last night at the airport, she said her sister shouting out "you want it more than the others" (or words to that effect) got her over the line.  

And there was: 
Olympics Ireland

Great weekend for Irish women; Annalise Murphy & Chloe Magee qualify, Fionnuala Briton wins Euro X Country and Melanie Nocher bronze @ euros
13 hours ago

That would be sailing for the first two and swimming for Melanie. Plus a rumour has been doing the rounds that boxer Katie Taylor could carry the Olympic Torch when it detours on its way to London next year. Finally, if you're on Twitter, there's a brilliant new hashtag #womeninsport which you can use to follow positive stories from the print and broadcast media. 

Not a bad blast of positivity to finish off the year. Can you add some more from your part of the world?


SG said...

I know better than to link to the Daily Mail, but with all of the great newspaper reports out there, this one made my blood boil: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2069605/Im-A-Celebrity-2011-Fatima-Whitbread-sinewy-arms-sport-NOT-good-thing.html

Its a pity that out of all of the positive reports, they still allow tripe like this to be published.

niamh said...

@SG - hmm, at first glance it does look like yet another femme-bashing article but towards the end Jones - shock - does raise an interesting point about the industry as a whole. I wish she had got straight to that instead of detouring via some nasty superficial comments. Why do some journalists feel that having access to publication gives them the right to tear into people?
Thanks for that SG

SG said...

I agree Niamh. Really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!

Niamh said...

@SG - thank you!