Sunday, September 25, 2011

September the end for Nyad?

They say third time lucky but it didn't hold true for American Diana Nyad today. Having already cancelled her swim in 2010, and earlier this summer Nyad was forced to pull out of a swim from Cuba to Florida. She had completed almost 80 (50 miles) of the 166 kms (103 miles) journey when she swam into jelly-fish.

Diana Nyad 2011

Not just any old jelly-fish but a group of Portuguese Man-of-War. Frightening to say the least, she told AP her spine had been temporarily paralysed by the stings. It must have been so frustrating for her; all of that training and now to pull-out for the third time on top of her 1978 attempt. That said, it's incredible she was able to get to that level of fitness and keep going on her way at all at the age of 62. I almost hope she doesn't try again - is that wrong of me?


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