Monday, November 25, 2013

Speaking at TEDx CorkWomen

I'm quite excited to tell you I'm speaking at a TEDx event on December 6th in my hometown of Cork. And the topic is ...*drum-roll* ... 'add sport into your life and stop saying no' with a segue into failed anti-obesity policies. 

I'll be speaking about MuayThai of course, and my own journey from 'what, sport? are you kidding me?' to 'yes, sport, gimme more!'

It was a huge thrill to be asked - and readers of this blog should all take a bow! Having talked about women and sports here for over three years now, I have a lot to say - inspired by you as much as I hope you've been inspired by the brilliant women profiled here. 

It feel strange to speak about my own journey for a change, definitely feels more natural to 'talk up' other women. Looking forward to hearing what people think about my wonderful sport. 

The full speaker line-up is here on the TEDxCork Women website. Women from the worlds of science, technology and business so far lined up - tickets are still available too here.

December 1999 WMC Intercontinental Champion - this pic hangs on the wall of the Bangkok gym I learned in - trainer Jitti on the extreme right.


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