Friday, January 1, 2016

Here's to a healthy and sports filled 2016

Another year gone, another chance now to grab hold of your sports ambitions and make them happen! 

Remember it doesn't matter if you slipped off the health-train over the holidays, all that matters is that you get back on it again next week. So many awful things happening around the world, and probably just up the road from wherever you are reading this but we can lose ourselves in sport and find a way to make that smile happen. 

 (Yes, I know, very Pollyanna but if you can't be optimistic at the start of a New Year when can you be?) 

Thank you so much for all the support during the year; for reading this blog, for telling me about the sports women you admire, for talking to me about your sports. Here's to another exciting year for women in sport! 


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deeps said...

happy new year to you