Monday, January 25, 2016

Triathlon Girls - film celebrating the women's triathlon

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Pics via Triathlon Girls Facebook page for documentary of that name

Triathlons were once only for elite athletes, people with lots of professional support, time and money. It still costs a lot to take part in high-level races but at entry-level the sport has opened up to everyone – even women.  (to be read in a joking tone!)

Nigel Christian got in touch with me about a documentary being made in England on the women’s tri scene.

From Kent in England and a mountain-biker himself, he said: “The women I have filmed so far have inspired me and I also hope others. This sport covers a wide age group and all shapes and sizes. This is not about being at the highest level. This is about belief and desire.”

I had a look and from the opening shot I was hooked. The first line of dialogue is a woman saying: “I do believe anyone can do it if they have the determination.”

Normal women doing sport, having fun – what more could you ask for? 

They started filming at the end of last season (in Ireland and the UK open water tri-season is roughly late April to September with indoor events going a bit longer) and depending on funding will film through the 2016 season.

So they need to promote the film, and show potential sponsors that people would watch it! This is where you come in with the power of social media ...

Nigel said: “The plan for the finished piece is TV, and a screening. This is a great subject as it covers all age groups and levels. Got to love it.

“We have put a short teaser together as we are chasing funding to complete the film this upcoming season of tri events. The aim of the film is to show that any girl can get involved in a sport.”

This is the teaser here below, share away if you like it. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a film about your own tri-adventures?

You can contact Nigel through the film’s Facebook community page: Triathlon Girls

Find out about Triathlons in Ireland at:  Triathlon Ireland

Other Irish adventure races at:   Quest Adventure Series

TRi GIRLS from nigel christian on Vimeo.

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