Monday, January 11, 2016

Sports bloggers to keep your sport in motion

Des Conkle - daughter and inspiration for Ti Conkle

Continuing the theme of getting ready for the new year, these women in sport bloggers will keep your training in motion:

Food for the Fast Lane Derval O’ Rourke
Eat yourself faster, and stronger with recipes from world indoor champ and Olympic hurdler Derval O’ Rourke. She eats bread, rice and pasta – yay for normal! There’s even chocolate treats for those laxy or injured days.

One of the original women’s mma #wmma websites Marq has fight reports, news of match-ups and podcast interviews. And some useful A-Z Twitter lists of female fighters across a few sports

Lunges and Lyrca
Aimed at women who do a lot of sports, this interview Emma and Charlotte did with Paula Radcliffe on marathon tips is a great read.

Women’s Weightlifting Ireland
Thinking of taking up weightlifting or just adding weights to your routine? Check in with these women for expert tips
Funny title but this website has solid practical tips for making you better – like this one with three drills for faster biking.

Girl boxing 
Training at the world-famous Gleason gym in New York, Malissa has written a history of women’s boxing, great book if you have time for that and her blog has videos and interview of every female boxer you’ve heard of – and some you haven’t! 

Where do you go online for inspiration?

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