Monday, December 20, 2010

Tara Dakides Snowboarder

Starting our week of snow is one of the pioneers of women's snow sports, American snowboarder Tara Dakides. 

Boarding was one of those sports boys liked to keep to themselves. It's dangerous, fast and you wear cool clothes - who wants chicks getting in the way? But good things come to those who ask and Dakides was one of the women who took that to heart.

Victories in the 2000 and 2001 X-Games Air, gold at the SIMS World Championships and a few well-timed magazine covers gave the 35-year old a profile many male boarders could only dream about. Throw in a few Best Freestyle Rider, Best Female Rider awards along with the Transworld Reader's Choice in 2002 and you can see she isn't your regular snow-bunny.

Interviewed for Omatic Snowboards (which she co-owns just to get that straight) and asked how strong she still is, her reply made me laugh. "Well, I lifted up my moto the other day after I got clipped by a tree trail riding. Does that mean anything? I was pretty happy I could pick it up."

And because it's not just about the sport, Dakides is also a spokesperson for the Surfrider Foundation , fighting to keep our oceans and beaches clean.

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